Friday, 29 May 2009

a blog called Bluntwood.

The idea for calling this blog 'Bluntwood' came from my very first comic strip I created after I first moved to Salisbury (1991) and joined in with the fabulous and bizarre independent comic 'Slang' (issue 3), alongside Rob Davis and Sean Longcroft
The name comes from the second instalment 'The Bluntwood Incident' which was my favourite and pays tribute to Moebius' creations 'Major Grubert' and 'Blueberry'. As, in fact, does the whole story which stemmed from the respect I had for his 'Arzach'  and other text free tales.
I hope this little triptych is worth airing again after all these years. I tend to look at them through rose coloured spectacles as they are so sentimental to me and remind me of halcyon days, but hopefully you may enjoy them too.

Thursday, 28 May 2009


The Doctor wrong footed by one of those foul smelling, slimy Sea Devils, but don't worry, he's got a screwdriver!!
I enjoyed being able to rely on the fact the Doctor's silhouette is so recognisable - with the help of his red Converse of course.


... it's dark outside!

A fun little image of the Doctor and the Tardis.
I used Manga Studio and the excellent Google SketchUp application to construct this one.
SketchUp allowed me to find an already constructed 3D Tardis with sufficient detail that I could manipulate for the required viewpoint and then ink over to create the desired effect - which I then gradually obliterated as the image became darker and darker. Excellent time saver though! A bit more forward planning and I could have saved even more time - dagnammit!


Doctor Doctor ...

My first proper image of the Doctor.
I've ended up being quite pleased with this rendition of him. David Tennant has a facial structure and set of expressions that make his face a right bugger to draw in a clean comic style ... but, much thanks to Tennant, it's a massively fun character to draw - when it goes right that is!


The Doctor's daughter.

Here are some older pics I created in an early pitch for the Doctor Who monthly. I was not wholly satisfied with my likeness of Georgia Moffet (Jenny) - ho hum. I adjusted the inking/colouring style later as can be seen in the versions of the Doctor above. I shall return to Jenny at a later date as the image below remains the most visited and 'faved' image on my deviantArt page !?!


shooting from the hip

The shootist.
I had a break through with this character as it was a shift to a more fluid and less restrained style and the restrictions that came with using Photoshop as my primary inking tool.
I had in mind creating, as best I could, some of the beautiful old school inking styles of artists like Victor de la Fuente (a comic book deity) without actually leaving the digital format.
It seemed an obvious step but it was Painter X's brush emulating system that allowed this to be as much fun as it was, and considerably easier and quicker than I had expected. A joy to have that sort of fluidity to the line without the worry of making an error. However, I later found an application that was even more 'inker' friendly in the guise of Manga Studio (see 'Draw Serge' below).


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Draw Serge

Creating this image of Serge Gainsbourg was really the catalyst for me to start the 'Bluntwood' blog up.
It was both fun to do this image and get on board with the blogging thang at the same time - just the nudge I needed!
Do go visit the 'Draw Serge' blog to see some fabulous renditions of this most charismatic and extraordinarily featured french legend.
I drew this exclusively in Manga Studio, my new, much loved and now most used application.