Friday, 29 May 2009

a blog called Bluntwood.

The idea for calling this blog 'Bluntwood' came from my very first comic strip I created after I first moved to Salisbury (1991) and joined in with the fabulous and bizarre independent comic 'Slang' (issue 3), alongside Rob Davis and Sean Longcroft
The name comes from the second instalment 'The Bluntwood Incident' which was my favourite and pays tribute to Moebius' creations 'Major Grubert' and 'Blueberry'. As, in fact, does the whole story which stemmed from the respect I had for his 'Arzach'  and other text free tales.
I hope this little triptych is worth airing again after all these years. I tend to look at them through rose coloured spectacles as they are so sentimental to me and remind me of halcyon days, but hopefully you may enjoy them too.

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