Thursday, 28 May 2009

shooting from the hip

The shootist.
I had a break through with this character as it was a shift to a more fluid and less restrained style and the restrictions that came with using Photoshop as my primary inking tool.
I had in mind creating, as best I could, some of the beautiful old school inking styles of artists like Victor de la Fuente (a comic book deity) without actually leaving the digital format.
It seemed an obvious step but it was Painter X's brush emulating system that allowed this to be as much fun as it was, and considerably easier and quicker than I had expected. A joy to have that sort of fluidity to the line without the worry of making an error. However, I later found an application that was even more 'inker' friendly in the guise of Manga Studio (see 'Draw Serge' below).


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