Monday, 17 August 2009

...from here to 'Infinity'

I know, I know ... a long overdue blog update ... !
Here is page 3 of a 6 page episode commissioned by 'Infinity' Publishers based 'down-under'.
This first episode was written (and partially realised for the pitch to them) by Rob Davis. I was commissioned for line and colour and have subsequently found this be one of the most useful learning curves I've gleaned from a job in a long while. From uncovering flaws in my figure drawing to the sheer weight of the high output required. Good training indeed.
We had two episodes in all (Death of Caesar and Chantico's Gold) to work on with myself and Faz Choudhury working on pencil/inks and colour. With Rob Davis as overseer, reworking inks and adding colour solutions and effects where required.
I have posted this (from the 'Death of Caesar') page here as it one I can claim the bulk of the work on and felt it might be good to see how this page compares to the 'bluntwood incident' pages below.