Thursday, 3 December 2009

the Long Ride ...

Now this was one to get my teeth into - and kept me off the streets for awhile!
My fourth 'Infinity' story and one I can happily call my own. As rewarding as it has been to work with the excellent team of Rob Davis and Faz Choudhury, I was lucky enough to be handed the opportunity to work this adventure story (scripted by Rob) up myself. It had many lovely visual elements to it with a wonderful mix of the cowboy, Indiana Jones and a light sprinkling Phileas Phog about it. I found it immense fun to do and am pleased to be able to present it (in part) here on my blog.
PS. ... and for anyone finding there way here via Rob Davis' blog and his young son's painting - then the result can be seen in the faint 'noise' used to texture the sand and mountains in the pic above. Thank you Oby, you were a great help!

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